Conditions of Rental

  • Minimum age of renter 25
  • Minimum age of passenger 14
  • Helmets must be worn at all times
  • Valid motorcycle endorsement on license for motorcycle rentals
  • Regular car license required to rent Slingshots
  • Insurance must be taken out on rentals via the link on our website.
    • Insurance is $35 per day for motorcycles and slingshots, payable direct to insurers

Additional requirements

  • Riders must obey all traffic regulations
  • Maintain motorcycle standard, including: checking all fluids, tire pressure, and chain lubrication
  • Customers may be held responsible if mechanical damage is caused by a lack of normal maintenance
  • Report any faults, damage, or incidents immediately
  • Only insured renters are authorized to ride
  • No motorcycles are to be used for stunts or any kind of racing, or timed trials
  • We reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement if there is a violation of any of the above requirements

Collections / Returns

  • $30 per hour charge for any late returns, a “full day” rental will be charged if a motorcycle is more than 3 hours late
  • If you turn up to ride the motorcycle without the correct endorsement on your license this will be considered a cancellation, which will result in a loss of all deposits paid
  • No refunds for missed collections, early returns, or inclement weather
  • A full tank of gas will be supplied upon collection, motorcycle must be returned with a full gas tank or a $30 flat rate will be charged
  • All paperwork needs to be completed before motorcycle can be released
  • Rental fees, tax and insurance ($2000 hold) are required at signing.